Grace Light DC Yoga Meditation Meetings: receive the Light, awaken your inner power, meditate for peace

Grace Light empowerment is a profound experience that is changing people's lives all over the world. It involves opening subtle channels in the energetic body which will allow each and every one of us to become carriers of the light and to emanate peace and joy into the world.
 "Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a global shift in human consciousness. A doorway is opening for each and every person to absorb profound  energies and to be conduits for the greater awakening of the heart of humanity." - Dr. Pillai
Free Global Prosperity Meditation - Be The Change
Your Gift For 2012

Dr. Pillai and Darshan Empowerment

Grace Light DC:  Free Meetings:

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Silver Spring, Maryland
(1 mile from DC)

YouTube Video: Experience Particle Darshan

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SD HoPE Pillai Center

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